Training & Consulting

DISC Training - Behavior style awareness, understanding, application and conflict management

Practice Observation & Consulting - provide real-time feedback on behavioral dynamics of individuals and teams to help understand how to impact performance

Behavior based Recruiting Profile - can help create and consult on a recruiting tool to assess the mental side of recruits down to middle school

Player/Coach Consultations - provide consultation on tendencies, ways to improve game and approach from the mental side of things, and talk through interpersonal dynamics

Unconscious Bias - learn what drives our judgements and unconscious bias that unchecked can create misunderstandings and friction in relationships ultimately hurting team dynamics

The Gift of Feedback - learn the behavioral factors that cause us to react to receiving feedback positively or negatively and how to improve giving/receiving of feedback from peers and coaches

Servant Leadership - for team leaders and coaches; learn how to be a servant leader, the psychology behind why people react the way they do and how to bring the best out in other people

Retainer Engagements - can create broad partnership agreement for working with your team for a semester or a year where you can create the unique package of engagements and are provided with on-going support and consultation throughout the agreement